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A Modern Bluebeard Part 1

Oh boy! So George Clark goes to trial in the 5th installment of Brother Kills Brother. Court becomes quite the spectacle but when they finally get going we learn George’s brother’s wife is not so innocent. She takes the stand and talks about taking Georges ‘honor’ when he was a teenager. We also have part 1 of the Modern Bluebeard, a polygamist with over two dozen wives. But he’s also a mass murderer as he seems to have killed at least four of his wives! Don’t miss this episode of Real Crime.



And if you love crime, why not check out my novel THE LAST GIRL available at all bookstores. In THE LAST GIRL, Dexter Vega takes on a missing persons case that gets complicated and dangerous when the wealthy retiree who hired Dexter is found dead. Now the cops are looking at Dexter as the prime suspect in the case. The mystery novel takes place in Sarasota and Mexico City and is a quick fun read for any mystery/thriller fan!

The Great Circus Murder Part 1

In this new episode of Real Crime, we have part 1 of the Great Circus Murder of 1922. John Brunen, circus owner, is shot in the back of the head. This whodunit was very well covered by the press. And this is where the mystery begins, directly from the pages of the New York Tribune. From here on each episode of Real Crime will have the next installment as it was played by the NY Tribune.

real crime with Danny Lopez

Also in this Podcast we have the investigation into the murder of a loner in rural Missouri as well as a couple of cases involving bootlegging and murder in Arizona. I hope you enjoy it. And please don’t forget to comment or give the podcast a rating on iTunes.